About the Company

Progressive Safety Services is operated by Joe Mlynek. Joe began his safety career in 1996 and holds a bachelors degree from Bowling Green State University in Environmental Policy and Analysis. He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Occupational Health and Safety Technologist (OHST).

Prior to forming Progressive Safety Services, Joe worked in occupational safety and health positions in a wide array of
industries including: automotive, metal fabrication, retail, manufacturing, chemical production, and grain handling. His common-sense approach to safety focuses on working with clients to identify, reduce, and eliminate workplace hazards while developing a highly skilled workforce. Joe is very passionate about safety in the workplace and believes that a safe workplace contributes to the overall success of an organization.

our philosophy

We believe that employees are a company’s greatest asset

Our goal is to assist clients in creating
an injury-free work environment thereby improving employee attendance, efficiency, productivity, job satisfaction and overall
morale. We offer a broad range of services to help companies achieve their safety goals.  Our commitment is to our customers and their employees.

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